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What Makes It Different


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Nano Layer Formation

As we have embedded Nano particles in organic moisturizer, thus, it forms a layer of nanoscale structures with wider biocidal properties compare to conventional sanitizers/Disinfectant.

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Total Protection

Size of nano-particles is smaller than virus & bacteria, thus, it enters in their system & destroy it from inside, thus makes it incapable to replicate & provides total protection against bacteria, virus & fungus.

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Long Lasting Effect

Unlike normal alcohol based disinfectant, which evaporates too fast, Star Virus Shield remains on the skin for a longer time & also nourishes your skin that too with antimicrobial effect.

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Skin Safe

Star Virus Shield is prepared after years of research & has been processed organically, thus it is not just safe for skin but also have non-toxic property.

How to Apply

1. Make a solution by adding 5% of Star Virus Shield A2-03 and remaining 95% potable water.
2. Apply using Spray/ Fogging method on AC filters & Duct.
3. Star using it right away.
Note: Shake well before use.
Can make 20 times of ready solution of star virus shield by diluting it in water

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